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Created On12/28/2011

How to Set Up Exchange in Outlook 2011 for Mac

Once Outlook has been installed - Click on Tools / Accounts

You will then be presented with the screen below - click the "Exchange Account" button

On the next screen that appears - enter your full email address

Leave the Authentication Method set to "User Name and Password"

For the User Name - you need to enter your domain logon which begins WHS\xxxxxxxx (we can advise you what this is if you don't know)

Enter the password we gave you when the account was created (we can reset this if necessary)

Uncheck the box marked "Configure Automatically - this will result in the new field "Server" appearing

Enter - - and click the button marked "Add Account"

On the next screen - change the Account Description to something memorable for you

Change the Full Name entry to be your full name

Click on the "Advanced" button

For the Microsoft Exchange Server - and the Directory Service Server set the entries to be

For the Microsoft Exchange Settings - check "Use SSL to connect"

For the Directory Service Settings - check "Log in with my Exchange account credentials"