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Created On7/8/2010

Setup POP Mail On iPhone IOS4

To add a new pop mail account, you will need to set it up not using SSL
To do so, follow these steps:

Click settings
Click Mail, Contacts, Calendars
Click Add Account
Click Other
Click Add Mail Account

Enter your name, address as email address, password, and description if not already filled out.
Click Save

Select POP by clicking the POP icon
Verify the name address and description.
Scroll down and enter the mail server information.
Your incoming and outgoing mail server was sent to you upon creation of your account.
This will be the same host name information in both sections.

Your username is your email address. enter it and your password in both the incoming and outgoing settings.
Click save

you may receive the following popup, click yes to try without ssl.

You will be prompted with a "Verifying" progress across the top of the screen.
This will take a while to complete. NOTE: This can take upwards of 5 minutes, please let it complete.
If you are prompted to continue without verifying, do so, then go into the next section.
Example of verification pop up:

You should now be able to save your settings and will be directed back to the accounts screen

Click on your new account
Click on account info

Scroll down to Advanced

Ensure SSL is off
Authentication should be password
The username must be your full email address
The port for incoming mail is 110
If this is correct, click the back arrow (will be named the description)

Click SMTP to enter the smtp settings
The username must be your full email address
Click primary server (will be the outgoing mail server name)
Ensure SSL is off
Authentication should be password
The server port is 25
Click Done

Press your home button to close out the settings window. Open mail to view your account.